HOLOCAUST Handbooks Series, Vol. 9

Carlo Mattogno
in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History
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Table of Contents

Introduction, p. 7

Chapter I: Literary Origins and Development of the Alleged Methods of Murder, p. 9

  1. Birth of an ‘Extermination Camp’, p. 9
  2. Extermination by Electricity, p. 11
  3. From Electrocution to the "Trains of Death", p. 22
  4. The "Soap Factory Using Human Fat” at Bełżec, p. 33

Chapter II: Origins and Development of the Official Historical Version, p. 35

  1. The Struggle between Electric Current and Exhaust Gas, p. 35
  2. Revisions and Contradictions by Michael Tregenza, p. 41
  3. Execution Chambers of the First Extermination Building: Narrative Origins and Recent Developments, p. 44
  4. The Number of Victims of the Alleged Gassings, p. 47

Chapter III: Witnesses and Defendants, p. 51

  1. The Witnesses Kurt Gerstein and Rudolf Reder, p. 51
  2. The Witness Wilhelm Pfannenstiel, p. 52
  3. The Bełżec Trial, p. 62

Chapter IV: Bełżec in Polish Archeological Research (1997 to 1999), p. 71

  1. The Mass Graves, p. 71
  2. Comparison of Research Results with Testimonies and Judicial Findings, p. 74
    2.1. Testimonies, p. 74
    2.2. First Judicial Findings, p. 74
    2.3. The Location of the Mass Graves, p. 75
  3. Uncovering the Corpses, p. 76
    3.1. The Findings and Claims of Andrzej Kola, p. 76
    3.2. The Polish Findings of 1945, p. 79
    3.3. Significance of Corpses Present, p. 81
  4. Compatibility of Archeological Research Results with the ‘Extermination Camp’ Thesis, p. 82
    4.1. Cremation of the Corpses, p. 82
    4.2. Capacity of the Graves, p. 85
    4.3. Wood Requirements, p. 85
    4.4. Duration of the Cremations, p. 86
    4.5. The Ash, p. 86
    4.6. The Soil Removed from the Graves, p. 87
    4.7. Actual Surface Area of the Graves, p. 88
    4.8. Density of Corpses in the Graves, p. 90
    4.9. Reasons for Cremation, p. 91
  5. The Buildings, p. 92

  6. 5.1. The Actual Purpose of the Excavations, p. 92
    5.2. The Alleged Gas Chambers of the Second Phase of the Camp, p. 93
    5.3. The Alleged Gas Chambers of the First Phase of the Camp, p. 94

Chapter V: Documented History of the Bełżec Camp, p. 97

  1. Origins and Function of the Bełżec Camp, p. 97
  2. The Bełżec Camp in Documents, p. 99
  3. Bełżec As Part of the German Policy of Deporting Jews to the East, p. 103

Conclusion, p. 109

Appendix, p. 111

Abbreviations, p. 111
Tables, p. 112
Documents, p. 115

Bibliography, p. 129

Index of Names, p. 133

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HOLOCAUST Handbook Series, vol. 9:
Carlo Mattogno:
Bełżec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History
Translated by Henry Gardner
Chicago (Illinois): Theses & Dissertations Press,
Imprint of Castle Hill Publishers, June 2004
ISBN: 1-59148-008-6
ISSN: 1529-7748

© by Carlo Mattogno

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