The official history of events at Stutthof concentration camp is a crass demonstration of the fact that the victors' official version of history has reached a dead end.

In 1947, the Communist "Commission for the Investigation of the German Crimes in Poland" alleged that Stutthof had been used as a 'makeshift' extermination camp. The number of victims was summarily established at 65,000, and it was alleged that many inmates had been murdered in the Stutthof delousing chamber.

This official version of the camp history was not even revised after the end of Communist domination in Poland; this is in contrast to Auschwitz and Majdanek, where the number of victims-although incomparably more grossly exaggerated than was the case at Stutthof-was at least massively reduced.

Western historians have never made any attempt to obtain knowledge about Stutthof through their own efforts; insofar as they have expressed any views on the subject at all, they have been content to parrot the official Polish version.[219]

Today, more than half a century after the end of WWII, it is high time to approach the topic in a correct manner, and revise the distorted propaganda image of the camp. To do so does in no way trivialize the actual sufferings of Stutthof inmates; our research in no way denigrates the memory of the 26,000 human beings who actually died in the camp, or of the victims of the evacuation. Quite the contrary. The official historiography of National Socialist concentration camps contains endless discussion of imaginary victims, but very little discussion of the real victims of these camps; yet only the latter are worthy of our sympathy.


[219] German literature on Stutthof uncritically regurgitates even the crudest atrocity stories from Polish or Jewish sources. H. Kuhn, for example, in the anthology published by him Stutthof. Ein Konzentrationslager..., op. cit. (note 35), repeats the absurd claims of J. Grabowska that the camp "was to become a center for the extermination of the peoples of Northern[sic!] Europe" (p. 32). H. Kuhn even has the audacity to repeat the horror stories of Trudi Birger, who claimed that hundreds of naked women were "thrown" alive into the "gigantic ovens" of the crematorium on one single day, that not a single one of them defended herself in the slightest-not even Birger herself, who miraculously survived fiery death, and who then escaped a watery death by another miracle (p. 129-133).

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