Holocaust or Hoax?

The Arguments

by Jürgen Graf



The Revenge of the Centaur

A Greek myth tells of the Centaur Nessus, who dared to lay a hand on Deianira, the wife of Hercules, and was wounded by the enraged warrior with a deadly arrow soaked in the poison of the Hydra.

As he was dying, Nessus begged Deianira to collect his blood and soak her garment in it. If Hercules was ever untrue to her, she was to ask him to try on the garment. This would renew his old love.

Deianira did as Nessus requested. One day, when Hercules turned away from her in favour of a paramour, she remembered the Centaur's advice and asked Hercules to try on the Nessus shirt. For a short time, the hero was pleased with the magnificent garment. Then it began to burn into his flesh; he suffered horrible torment, but he could not remove the cursed shirt. It clung to his body and could not be extinguished as he perished in agony.

Those with more insight among Jewish leaders might well remember this tale from Greek mythology. The Nessus shirt of the Jews is the lie of the gas chambers, invented more than half a century ago by the Jews to revenge themselves upon the wicked Pharoa of Berlin who had broken the power of Zionism in Germany and visited the Jews with deprivation of rights, confiscation of property, deportation, and exile. After the war, the Zionists discovered that atrocity propaganda could be continued to make a profit.

No matter how important German reparations may be for Israel and the Zionist organizations, the immeasurable psychological benefits derived from the legend are incomparably more important to the Jews. Before 1945, criticism of Jews was permitted; since 1945, any criticism of Jews has been impossible. Any questioning of Jewish methods and Jewish power, no matter how timid, is immediately branded as anti-Semitism and may easily land a person in court or even prison.

The game could go on forever -- if it weren't for the revisionists! Just as the gas chambers enabled Zionism to rise to unprecedented heights after 1945, the refutation of the gas chamber lie, together with other factors which are beyond the scope of the present work, will lead to the downfall of the Jews in the not too-distant future. The same lie which has done such magnificent service as the miracle weapon of the Zionists -- until now -- will a millstone around their necks.

With the exposure of the lie, people will ask why we have been so shamelessly lied to since 1945, and whose interests. People will start to ask questions like: how did WW II actually start? Who actually started it? What mysterious powers brought it about? Were they the same mysterious powers that caused the First World War?

When that day comes, people will examine the real Holocausts of the twentieth century, Holocausts claiming incomparably more lives -- the crimes of Marxism, and the identity of the true Marxist leaders behind the scenes. Mr. Gunnar Heinsohn, who is mentioned elsewhere in this work in another connection, nevertheless reveals a few truths (almost despite himself) in his book Warum Auschwitz? These truths are usually passed over in embarrassed silence. Heinsohn mentions that innumerable millions of Soviet citizens fell victims of the Red Terror. Unfortunately, he forgets to raise the question of the ethnic background of the butchers of the Soviet Union. Other historians have done so. One is the Russian Yuri Begunov, who states that, in 1920, 83% of the Bolshevik leaders in the USSR were Jews (1). Or Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who describes the six top architects of the Communist slave labour camp system in the second volume of his Gulag Archipelago. Their names are Aron Solz, Naftali Frenkel, Jakov Rappaport, Matwej Berman, Lazar Kogan, and Genrich Yagoda. All six were Jews.

Facts like these will return to public discussion with a vengeance with the collapse of the Holocaust house of cards.

The refusal of the exterminationists to retreat one single inch

Until the second half of the 1960s, the official version of the Holocaust appeared invincible. Of course, there were a handful of courageous men who denounced the lie. In addition to the pioneer Paul Rassinier, the following authors should be mentioned -- for example, Maurice Bardeche, who in the beginning naturally believed in the gas chambers, and only considered the numbers to be exaggerated; Thies Christophersen (author of the brochure Die Auschwitz Luege), Emil Aretz, Erwin Schoenborn, Heinz Roth, Dr. Franz Scheidl, Wolf Dieter Rothe, Richard Harwood, and a few others. But their arguments were not scientific enough to achieve a breakthrough in the wall of lies. The weakest point of the Holocaust story -- its technical absurdity -- was hardly attacked by the early revisionists.

But the Holocaust bore its own refutation in itself because of its historical and technical absurdity. Arthur Butz's The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, in which a US electronics professor proved how the legend arose, was a decisive step forward in revisionist research. In early 1979, Wilhelm Staeglich published Der Auschwitz Mythos, mercilessly demonstrating the fragility of the Auschwitz image. Shortly before, Robert Faurisson entered the scene with a few articles in which he referred to the technical and physical impossibility of the gas chamber yarn. Together with Ditlieb Felderer, who conducted on-the-spot research at the former "extermination camps", at that time hardly taken into consideration, Faurisson was the pioneer of material-scientific research on the Holocaust. Without Faurisson, no Leuchter; without Leuchter, no Rudolf.

Butz, Staeglich, and Faurisson, in particular, sounded the death knell of the myth. Over thirty years had elapsed since the end of the war, and the Zionists and their lackeys in the politics, culture, the media, and the historical profession have made any retreat impossible: the gas chambers had long since become a symbol of the unique depravity of the National Socialists and the unique suffering of the Jews -- a symbol which could not be jettisoned without threatening the foundations of the Orwellian world of the Permanent Lie called "Free Democracy".

Thus, the profiteers of the Big Lie could only retreat forwards, in a full-scale suicide attack. They have turned up the volume of Holocaust propaganda in the controlled media to the point of insanity. The further the war retreated into the past, the more feverish the incitement, the more desperately they attempted to force the passage of totalitarian laws designed to destroy all freedom of expression and punish "thought crimes" in more and more countries. Scientific revisionism has been criminalized in the Banana Republik of Deutschland, as well as in Austria and France. Anti-revisionist laws have also been passed in Belgium and Spain, but have not so far (April 1997) led to any trials. A rubber-stamp anti-"racial descrimination" law with a disguised anti-revisionist clause was passed in Switzerland in early 1995, and may possibly lead to a trial against the present author, as well as against the publisher of three of his books in 1997. But that's nowhere near enough, of course: Italy needs an Auschwitz Law, too! In England, Labour has actually promised to pass such a law in the event of its winning the election. Denmark is said to need such a law, and Sweden, too -- not to mention, of course, the USA, where revisionism had made very rapid progress thanks to the Institute for Historical Review and its highly effective director, Mark Weber. Anti-revisionist thought-crimes laws are needed very, very urgently (or so we are told): in the words of a desperate call for help (and fund-raising appeal) from Jewish whisky billionaire Edgar Bronfman: "We need to stop revisionism before it's too late!"

We hate to say so, but it's already too late, Bronfman. No doubt the Profiteers of the Lie will put a few more revisionists in prison or even murder a few, if needs be, in the short time remaining to those who profit from it -- but the breaking of the Zionist information monopoly by means of the Internet, as well as spectacular conversions to revisionism such as the Garaudy case, will speed up the demise of the Lie.

Of course, the Zionists now wish that they had only mentioned three million Jews having died mostly of epidemics and malnutrition, instead of Six Million Jews, mostly gassed. But the gas chambers with their millions of gassing victims not only appear in the history books, school books, and dictionaries, but as a "proven fact" in court cases.

The Garaudy CaseRoger Garaudy is one of the most famous French philosophers. He has changed his ideology on numerous occasions; he was a Catholic, a Protestant, a Stalinist Communist (and as such a member of the Central Committee of the French Communist Party) before he converted to Islam in the early 1980s. No one cared. After all, we live in a "Free Democracy"; we enjoy freedom of opinion and freedom of religion, you know.Garaudy had published over 40 books by the end of 1995; publishing houses competed for the privilege of decking their shelves with his books. But this book -- Les Mythes fondateurs de la politique israelienne -- found no publisher other than Pierre Guillaume's La Vielle Taupe, largely operating underground, which distributed the first edition of the work as "a confidential bulletin to its friends". Part of the work concerned itself with religious questions, such as the Zionist policies in Palestine, but the core of the book (the Myth of the Justice of Nuremberg, The Myth of the Holocaust), was clearly revisionist. Garaudy showed the fragility of the proofs presented for the Holocaust, explained the Six Million figure as a crass exaggeration, and, without expressly disputing the existence of the gas chambers, tacitly made it clear that he did not believe in them.For those familiar with the material, the Garaudy book offered nothing new; the illustrious philosopher had simply copied from other revisionists, particularly Faurisson, without, of course, mentioning his sources, as scientific decency would have required. In the second edition, which was self-published in the spring of 1996, Garaudy defused the revisionist part of the book, without advising the reader that he had done so. Thus, all references to Butz, Staeglich, and Faurisson -- briefly mentioned in the first edition -- disappeared without a trace in the second edition. Garaudy enjoyed the peculiarity of being a revisionist who, because of his Communist past, could not possibly be dismissed as a Neo-nazi. The French Zionist mafia howled like a dog whose tail has been trodden on; for months, the media dragged Garaudy through the mire, without, of course, the slightest discussion of the content of his book. Above all, the professional liars kept quiet about the fact that Garaudy doubted the existence of the gas chambers. The situation became even more dangerous for the exterminationists when a cult figure of the Left, the Franciscan priest Abbe Pierre, declared his solidarity with Garaudy in April 1995. Abbe Pierre knew nothing about revisionism, and still knows nothing; to him, it was a matter of freedom of opinion.The Abbe, who is unfortunately a bit short on courage, was frightened into retreating in the face of the witch hunt which now exploded all around him, and begged forgiveness, after showing some feeble resistance at the outset; in July, he finally debased himself before the Jews (La Croix, 23 July 1996).As the result of the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre affaire, the broad masses of the French population knew, for the first time, that freedom of opinion had been abolished in their country, and that a minority of perhaps two percent of the French population prescribes what the other 98% may say, write, read, and think.In the meantime, increasing numbers of well-known people are demanding the abolition of the anti-revisionist Law Gayssot, including Simone Weil, in the newspaper L'Evenement du Jeudi, 27 June 1996. (Weil is a Jewish "mass gassing victim" who was later discovered to be alive after all, and become President of the European Parliament.) For more information on the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre affair, see the article by Robert Faurisson on the Internet (3).The confession of an orthodox historianThe French historian Jacques Baynac, a rabid enemy of revisionism, became the first orthodox historian anywhere to admit that there is no proof of the existence of the Nazi gas chambers. This spectacular admission appeared in two consecutive articles in the Lausanne, Switzerland, daily newspaper, Le Nouveau Quotidien of 2 and 3 September 1996. The second of the series of two articles read in part: "Either we grant predominance to documents as against eyewitness testimony, and in this case, we can stop calling the historiography a science and start calling it an art; or we can stick to the predominance of documents, and in this case, we must admit that the absence of documents implies the impossibility of presenting direct proof of the existence of the homicidal gas chambers." Robert Faurisson comments on this admission as follows (4):"Jacques Baynac: There's no proof, but I believe it."Robert Faurisson: There's no proof, so I don't believe it."For the first: Freedom of expression."For the second, Imprisonment for a term of up to one year; fines of up to 300,000 francs, as well as other penalties."Roger Garaudy is supposed to appear in court in France in 1997. A new trial is scheduled for Robert Faurisson (his eleventh so far). In the country which produced a Voltaire, men are hauled into court because they dare to doubt (Garaudy) or dispute (Faurisson) the reality of something -- a "Nazi gas chamber" -- whose existence cannot even be proven, according to the admission of an orthodox, anti-revisionist historian!Korzec and Goldhagen: a new version of the lieEven before the Garaudy affair, the Zionists understood that it was time to jettison the ballast. The second Pressac book, in which the number of Auschwitz victims was massively reduced, was attempt to do this. The Jewish professor Michel Korzec and Daniel J. Goldhagen went significantly further in late 1995 and the spring of 1996, respectively, by abruptly declaring the gas chambers to be merely a peripheral phenomena, without, of course, ever reducing the total number of five to six million Holocaust victims.On 15 December 1995, a long article by Michel Korzec, a Jew of Polish origins, appeared in the Dutch newspaper Intermediair, the title of which, in translation, was The Myth of the Efficient Mass Murder, and in which the number of gassed Jews was reduced to a total of 700,000 to 800,000. The rest of the Holocaust victims (five million, according to Korzec) were killed by German soldiers, everywhere, wherever they were found, "shot, beaten to death, hanged, allowed to starve to death". With unprecedented chutzpah (also known as Jewish shamelessness), Korzec attempts to exploit the debacle of traditional historiography in order to accuse the Germans. If the majority of Jews had been gassed in extermination camps, he argues, only a handful of criminals would have been involved in the crime. If, on the other hand, most of the Jews were murdered outside the camps using manual methods of primitive cruelty, a much greater number of Germans would have had to participate in the mass murders. This, in the Talmudic logic of Mr. Korzec, is precisely why "doubting the gas chambers" is criminalized by German courts of law. It distracts attention from the fact that it was not just a handful of criminals who are guilty for the Holocaust, but a large part of the German people! The nauseating little tome, Hitler's Willing Executioners, by the American Jew Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (5), follows the same line, by claiming that the entire German people participated gleefully in the Holocaust, since "extermination anti-Semitism" was deeply rooted in German tradition. For his Doctoral thesis, presenting a shorter version of the same argument, Mr. Goldhagen, a docent at the Harvard Minda-de-Gunzberg Center for European Centre, was awarded the Gabriel A. Almond Prize of the American Association for Political Studies (according to the cover blurb). The FAZ of 30 April 1996 summarized the book as follows:"Germany is fundamentally anti-Semitic and wilfully committed the murder of the Jews with complete approval. If the country had possessed the means to do so, the extermination of the Jews would have occurred in the 19th century. Under another political system, it would still be capable of another such genocide even today."Just you keep that in mind, Helmut Kohl, Roman Herzog, Hochmuth, Guenter Grass, and all you other belly-crawlers and boot-lickers, you're all Jew-killers too -- just like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler!On p. 10, Goldhagen writes:"...A multiplicity of myths and erroneous notions as to the criminals are current in the popular belief as well as in scientific circles, such as the following: it is generally believed that the Germans murdered the Jews mostly in gas chambers, and that the Germans couldn't have been able to kill millions of Jews without gas chambers, modern means of transport, and efficient burocracy."That's a good one. Who spread the "myths and erroneous notions" mentioned by Goldhagen? No one but his fellow Jews: Raul Hilberg and Lucy Davidowicz, Leon Poliakov and Gerald Reitlinger, Yehuda Bauer and Deborah Lipstadt, Georges Wellers, and Pierre Vidal-Nacquet, Isreal Gutman and Gerald Fleming, Yitzak Arad and Serge Klarsfeld, Shmul Krakowski and Nora Levin, Walter Lacqueur and Martin Gilbert; in addition to a few Gentiles, such as the American (paid by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre) Christopher Browning, the Frenchman (paid by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation) named Jean-Claude Pressac, and a couple of German "researchers" like Wolfgang Scheffler, Eberhard Jaeckel, and Wolfgang Benz, who understood, with an infallible instinct, that, in the "freest state in German history", the way to make a name for oneself very quickly is to spew forth filth upon one's own country, at all hours of the day and night. And who, then, were the "eyewitnesses" upon whom these "scholars" mistakenly relied? Why, nobody but Goldhagen's fellow Jews, almost exclusively -- except for a few SS men tortured by Jews, like Rudolf Hoess.Goldhagen becomes even more explicit with regards to the gas chambers on page 521:"... without regard to the erroneous scientific and popular notion of the Holocaust, gassing was really epiphenomenal to the German mass murder of the jews."5.37 million Jews were gasssed according to Lucy Davidowicz, and 2.7 million according to Raul Hilberg. Is this sort of slaughter really "epiphenomenal"? In revisionist trials, defence applications are routinely rejected on the grounds that the Holocaust as hitherto described is "a proven fact". Thus, the vindictive sentence passed on NPD leader and revisionist Guenter Deckert -- merely for interpreting a technical speech by the American gas chamber expert, Fred Leuchter -- was justified by the Federal Court of Karlsruhe as follows: (6):"The criminal court (the State Court of Mannheim) correctly assumed that the mass murder of the Jews, COMMITTED ABOVE ALL IN THE GAS CHAMBERS OF CONCENTRATION CAMPS, were a proven fact."It would appear that the mass murders, committed ABOVE ALL IN THE GAS CHAMBERS, might not be such a "proven fact" after all, since the gassings were merely EPIPHENOMENAL according to the admission of the Jewish historical researcher Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Professor at the Minda-de-Ginzburg Centre, and winner of the Gabriel Almond Prize! How will the jurists in the "freest state in German history" get out of this one?In my conviction, the Daniel Goldhagen book, preceded by Korzec's little exercise in chutzpah in Holland, which served as a trial balloon for Goldhagen, marks a change in course and strategy on the part of the leading Zionist authorities. They are shifting course to a radically new version of the Holocaust, according to which almost everything that the "expert historians" have written and taught for half a centry will be jettisoned. A moment afterwards, of course, the world's "Free Press" will all parrot the same line over night, with their usual unanimity, just as soon as they get the order to do so from their central control office. A few hundred thousand "gassing victims" will be retained to make things look good, the former figures of total gassing victims, which used to be a "proven fact", will now be depicted as a lie, for which the Germans or the Poles or the Communists may be guilty, but never, never, the poor Jews. And furthermore: does it make any difference to the Six Million victims how they were killed? As in George Orwell's 1984, history is constantly being rewritten; in our "Free Democracy", one piece of nonsense simply takes over for another when the latter is withdrawn for proven defects.The evolution of the Holocaust lie: a summaryWe may now distinguish five stages in the evolution of the Holocaust Lie, which are, of course, not strictly segregated, but which merge gradually into each other in turn:1) from 1942 to around the beginning of 1946, the story was that the Nazis were killing the Jews -- mostly in extermination and concentration camps -- with steam, electricity, fire, acids, pneumatic hammers, quicklime, combat gasses, Diesel exhaust gases, Zyklon B, boiling water, blood poisoning, suffocation, conveyor belt shootings, etc. etc. Even as late as 14 December 1945, at the Nuremberg Trial, it was claimed that Jews at Treblinka were killed with hot steam.2) between 1946 and 1960, the story changed somewhat; during the Nuremberg Trial, a decision was made to claim that poison gas was the murder weapon: all the other killing methods in the extermination and concentration camps were relegated to the Memory Hole. The claim was now made that almost every camp had one or more gas chambers.3) from 1960 to 1983, the story was that the Nazis killed the Jews with gas, mostly in five or six extermination camps located on polish soil. The gas chambers in the Western camps were jettisoned.4) in the period between 1983 and 1996, the gas chambers in the Western camps (except for Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen and Dachau) made a miraculous come-back in Kogon/Langbein/Rueckerls masterpiece Nationalsozialistische Massentoetungen durch Giftgas. In the West, or so the story goes, there were relatively few gassings; the Jews were gassed by the millions in five or six extermination camps in Poland.5) in 1996, a radical new version of the Holocaust appeared in the form of the Goldhagen book, preceded by the Korzec trial balloon in Holland. The gassings are now to be explained away as an insignificant "epiphenomenon". Everywhere the Germans went, they murdered Jews with primitive cruelty, out of a hatred for Jews rooted in German history and tradition.But how will the ruling cliques explain how we got the story wrong for half a century? The Goldhagen rescue attempt will backfire on the Zionists even more seriously than the Pressac rescue attempt.The attempts of the desperate "Democratic System" to keep the lie afloat with even crazier, increasingly grotesque and irrational propaganda and cruder forms of intimidation, are only too understandable under the circumstances.But the World Enemy, the destroyers of all freedom in the name of fighting "hatred", are wearing the Nessus shirt; they will be unable to take it off after putting it on. It is burning into their flesh even more deeply with each passing day.Notes:1) Juri K. Begunow, Tajnyl sily w ishorij Rossij, Petersburg, p. 221 ff.2) Roger Garaudy, Les Mythes fondateurs de la politique israelienne, La Vielle Taupe, Paris, 1996, 2, amended edition, available from Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, Postbus 60, 2600 Berchem-2, Belgium, or from Libre R, Avenue des Alpes 22, CH-1820 Montreux/Switzerland.3) On the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre affaire, see Faurisson's article "Bilance der Affaere Garaudy/Abbe Pierre", which appeared on several Internet Homepages, for example http://www.webcom.com/-ezundel/english.4) See Robert Faurisson's Internet article on the subject, "An Orthodox Historian Finally Admits that There are No Proofs for the Existence of Nazi Gas Chambers" (see also note 2).5) Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Hitler's Willing Executioners, Little, Brown, and Company, London, 1996.6) 1 StR 179/93, BGH Karlsruhe, decision of 15 March 1994 (trial of Guenter Deckert).Afterword by Bruno MonotoriolA question to which revisionists would like a convincing answerWhat is the explanation for the irrational behaviour of an entire people which apparently believes in an absurd legend?The Holocaust -- with its gas chambers which constantly change location; its millions of victims who disappear without a trace into blue vapour at Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka, after being murdered by Hitler's SS butchers, either with Zyklon B insecticide or Diesel exhaust, not to mention mass shootings Babi Yar-style (where the victims also disappear without a trace) -- is, and remains, first and foremost a unique proof of the monumental stupidity of our age.In the early 1980s -- when the major absurdities of the Holocaust swindle had already been exploded, with the exception of a few details -- most revisionist researchers thought it inconceivable that the legend could persist more than a few more years.Since then, more than fifteen years have elapsed, and the Lie continues to drag out its existence, filthier and more luxuriant than ever! Cracks are appearing in the edifice of lies, doubts are appearing -- here and there, in the press, in a few articles, in many private conversations -- as to the truth of the Establishment version of the fate of the Jews under the Third Reich. People mention the possibility of minor errors or exaggerations; but almost everyone continues to accept the story as basically correct.It is precisely this general acceptance which is the biggest puzzle to revisionists -- and to any reasonable person with a minimum knowledge of history.Really, how can anyone of normal intelligence, for example, view the room which is shown to millions of tourists on the grounds of the former camp of Auschwitz as the "only Nazi gas chamber remaining in original condition", without immediately realizing that the physical capacity of the room -- not to mention its immediate surroundings, for example, its proximity to the hospital located nearby -- would make any mass execution using a highly dangerous poison gas impossible? The unspeakable atrocity stories spewed forth to visitors by officials of the Auschwitz Museum, deserve only ridicule. But the very opposite occurs: in these shrines dedicated to the Holocaust religion, people become intellectual cripples: awe-struck, their senses paralyzed, they gape at everything as if it were plausible, and solemnly swallow nonsensical fairy tales!Even the generation of Germans which lived through the war -- i.e., the "generation of criminals", those who supported the National Socialist system which is now slandered all over the world, who remained true to that system and fought for it to the bitter end, with unprecedented self-sacrifice and devotion of spirit -- that generation no longer knows what to believe after half a century of filth and lies. They confuse their personal first-hand experience, that which they saw and experienced themselves, with that which they think they should have seen or experienced (according to the official version of history). Faced with the accusations and ignorance of succeeding generations, the generation of the war years joins in with the chorus of self-incrimination or takes refuge in resigned silence.And yet:- if the gas chambers were technically impossible and the whole story is therefore a lie;- if no material evidence of the crime remains, since the Nazis "destroyed all traces of their crimes at the last moment";- if millions of bodies simply disappeared into blue vapour, so that not a single body of a single gassing victim has ever been found;- if the official version of history is based on nothing but contradictory "eyewitness testimonies" of witnesses who were never subjected to cross-examination, and confessions extorted from "criminals";- if a forensic report, including a reconstruction as is ordinary practice in an ordinary murder case, has never even been attempted;- if expert reports on the technical feasibility of the mass gassings are never performed by the courts, but only on behalf of private parties, and if no technical refutation of these reports can be produced;Then how is it then possible for the world to believe this series of grotesque hallucinations?If you ask these questions, most people are either surprised or shocked. But some people, particularly, young people -- who often react spontaneously and emotionally -- immediately and spontaneously declare their conviction that the Holocaust is absurd.One hears remarks like the following: "How could I have believed such nonsense for all those years?"The revisionist may perhaps be pleased in the belief that he has won a new adherent. But in most cases, this is a great mistake. When the shock wears off -- the shock which sets in following the discovery of a new truth, the new convert returns to his old environment, where it is almost impossible to find any information on the subject other than all-pervading Holocaust propaganda. The average person lacks the courage to deviate from his environment; the mass media, of course, are all around us. Upon the slightest expression of doubts, the inevitable reply will be that he has spoken with a horrid, lying Nazi, that he has heard a load of lies, and that he had better forget everything he heard.This is particularly true, unless the convert is a hero willing to jeopardize his social and professional position for historical truth. Since even the crudest lie can be obfuscated and explained away, the heretic falls away from his new belief and returns to the shrine of the incredible. Credo quia absurdum est.What at first seemed absurd -- in comparison to reasonable information about the absurdity of the Holocaust religion -- once again seems convincing. In a society in which propagandists control the media, those who stray from the fold are quick to permit themselves to be persuaded once again that the unanimous opinion (Vox Populi, Vox Dei) which confirmed the reality of the mass extermination of the Jews for over a half a century, bears incomparably more weight than the statements of a single "Nazi".

This abandonment of the elementary duty to seek the truth can, however, have unexpectedly unpleasant results. Today, even re-educated Germans -- despite their anti-fascist fanaticism -- are regarded with mistrust, even hostility, by many people in all parts of the world.

The Zionists and their stooges are skilful at ensuring the perpetuation of this hostility, for example, through hundreds of films, largely produced by Jews, which depict German soldiers either as simple fools or sadistic beasts.

The passivity and cowardice of the majority of the German people today is their decisive contribution to the perpetuation endless hatred. All of German contemporary history has been turned into a sort of crime sheet by the Allied victors. The Germans swallow everything in complete passivity.

A person who refuses to defend himself, ought not to wonder if he is found guilty. He deserves no respect, and should expect none. Germans compete with each other in vomiting upon their own people and themselves at the same time. Do they really expect to gain any sympathy abroad in this way?

Let us nevertheless attempt to understand the reasons for this apparently illogical behaviour on the part of the German people.

Perhaps the main reason for it is the knowledge, or instinctive sense, that any critical discussion of the so-called Holocaust is dangerous; it can cost the victim his job, his position in society, and even destroy his family. In addition, many people don't want to know much about the Holocaust, which is the principal accusation against the German people, since they intuitively feel that many things about it simply cannot be true. They are afraid to know whether the Holocaust is a pack of lies, or just a lie or two; anyone doubting the details of the official version of history runs the risk of being compelled to question the story as a whole.

And that is just what our contemporaries, set on their peace and quiet and comfort at any price, do not want.

On the other hand, it is not easy to live with a lie which one should long ago have recognized as such, and, at the same time, to act as if it were no lie at all. For example, how should the mother of a family, who knows to a certainty that the gas chamber yarn is a lie, answer a child who asks, eyes wide-open with wonder: "Mama, teacher told us that German soldiers gassed the Jews. Did Grandpa gas the Jews, too?" The best way to evade a question like that, which is complex and painful, is simply to know nothing. So the mother simply tells the over-curious child, "I don't know, ask your teacher."

Anything for a peaceful life! Wilful ignorance enables people to conceal doubt, which would inevitably arise if they were to study the facts.

In their own justification, they cast about for excuses: "Why should I worry about all these old stories? I don't know if it's all true, but it can't be all lies, not everything the politicians, professors, and preachers all tell us. After all, there's no smoke without fire."

Another excuse, which at bottom is pure self-delusion, runs as follows:

"Instead of worrying about ancient history, we should worry about the present. There are enough problems in the world today; let's leave the past alone".

Anyone who argues in this fashion should be asked whether the controlled media, with their unceasing campaigns of hysterical hatred, the politicians, with their statements of national guilt and reconciliation, the intellectuals, with their whining rhetoric and rituals of suffering, the criminal justice system, with its witch-hunt for eighty and ninety-year old "Nazi war criminals", are "leaving the past alone".

There are parallels to the present situation in past history: four hundred years ago, the doctors and scholars preferred not to know whether witches really rode broomsticks through the air or had sexual intercourse with the Devil. Intelligent men of their age, like our own, must surely have told themselves that the stories of the Witches' Sabbath may not have been true in every detail, but after all, "there's no smoke about fire"!

Another decisive point: anyone expressing doubt in the Holocaust is immediately suspected of harbouring secret sympathy for the Nazis!

And, of course, no German wants to be a Nazi, because the Nazis were the greatest criminals in history, because of the Holocaust!

Thus the circle closes.

Lastly, it should be noted that acquiescence in the orthodox Holocaust True Faith spares one the humiliation, even in the privacy of one's own mind, of having been a fool for believing absurd nonsense for x number of years, nonsense of the purest sort, nonsense which collapses at the slightest serious examination.

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