Holocaust or Hoax?

The Arguments

by Jürgen Graf


In the spring of 1993, a thin book authored by myself and entitled The Holocaust Under the Scanner, was published by the Guideon Burg Verlag (Postfach 52, 4009 Basel). At that time, the book represented the very first attempt to summarize the principle arguments of the Holocaust revisionists. The book met with a warm reception which has confirmed its usefulness. It has since been translated into French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Arabic, as well as Italian (in a somewhat abridged form).

Today -- only four years later -- the Scanner is outdated, for the following reasons:

- revisionist research has made major progress since early 1993. Any book attempting to present the major findings of revisionist research today must at least mention trail-blazing publications such as the Rudolf Report, the Ball Report, Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana's study of the crematoria at Auschwitz, or Arnulf Neumeier's research on the technical problems of the Treblinka case. There is an urgent need to discuss Jean-Claude Pressac's second book (The Crematoria of Auschwitz) -- hailed by the media as the refutation of revisionism -- as well as the new, "improved" version of the Holocaust now acquiring concrete shape with Daniel Goldhagen's book Hitler's Willing Executioners. This "new, improved" version is apparently intended to replace the version which has so far placed the central emphasis on the gas chambers as the instrument in the mass extermination of the Jews;

- the Scanner was unable to meet strict standards of scientific proof, and not merely because it contained a few errors which were inevitable at that time (for example, relating to the crematory capacity at Auschwitz). There were not enough references; the bibliography was rather slim.

In view of the implacable censureship now in force in the "democratic" countries -- which has, in some countries, taken on the form of brutal police-state repression -- the Internet is acquiring increased significance in the spreading of revisionism. People have repeatedly asked us to make the Scanner available on the Internet, but have preferred to distance ourselves from the book for the reasons mentioned above. As an alternative, we decided to draw up the present text, which is considerably more detailed and documented, and which takes account of the most recent developments in this field.

The present work -- now available, not merely on the Internet, but in book form -- was made possible by the encouragement and research of a French associate and personal friend. The original text of the manuscript was translated into Russian -- without my knowledge, but with my subsequent consent -- and appeared in the autumn of 1996 as a special issue of the nationalist newspaper Russkij Vjestnik, No. 32-34, 1996. By late 1997, the special issue in question had sold 200,000 copies. Together with Roger Garaudy's The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, our text was the first revisionist work distributed in Russia; in view of the overwhelming interest shown by the Russian public, further revisionist texts were soon translated into that language.

The strictly logical structure of the present book is also the result of encouragement and suggestions from the French friend mentioned above, to such an extent that he deserves equal mention with myself as co-author. Since, due to family considerations, he cannot afford to allow his existence to be destroyed by the "French" system of "justice" and "French" inquisitorial methods, however, he has been compelled to adopt the use of a pseudonym, until the day -- let us hope that it is not too far in the future -- when France, Germany, Austria, and my own country, Switzerland, are free countries once again.

And the truth shall make you free.

Basel, 9 April 1997

Juergen Graf

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