HOLOCAUST Handbooks Series, Vol. 8

Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf
Extermination Camp
or Transit Camp?
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Table of Contents

Introduction, p. 9

Part 1: Treblinka: A Critical Analysis of the Official Version, p. 17
Chapter I: The Description of Treblinka in Historiography, p. 19

1. Treblinka in Orthodox ‘Holocaust’-Literature, p. 19

a. Wassili Grossmann, p. 19
b. Rachel Auerbach, p. 23
Zdzisław Łukaszkiewicz, p. 25
d. N. Blumental, p. 26
e. Marian Muszkat, p. 27
f. Jean-François Steiner, p. 27
g. Krystyna Marczewska/Władysław Waźniewski, p. 29
h. Martin Gray, p. 30
i. Gitta Sereny, p. 30
j. Stanisław Wojtczak, p. 32
k. Adalbert Rückerl, p. 32
l. Alexander Donat, p. 33
m. The "Encyclopedic Informer" of the Main Commission, p. 33
n. Eugen Kogon, Hermann Langbein, Adalbert Rückerl et al. 34
o. Claude Lanzmann, p. 35
p. Yitzhak Arad, p. 36
q. Ryszard Czarkowski, p. 37
r. J. Gumkowski and A. Rutkowski, p. 37
s. Wolfgang Benz, p. 37
t. Richard Glazar, p. 38
u. Jean-Claude Pressac, p. 40
v. Assessment, p. 41

2. Treblinka in Revisionist Literature, p. 41

a. Treblinka and the Gerstein Report, p. 41
b. Friedrich P. Berg, p. 42
c. John C. Ball, p. 44
d. Udo Walendy, p. 44
e. Arnulf Neumaier, p. 45
f. The Thesis of the Transit Camp, p. 46

Chapter II: The Development of the Idea of Treblinka as an Extermination Camp, p. 47

1. The Secondary Killing Methods, p. 47
2. The Main Killing Method: Steam Chambers, p. 50
3. Significance of the Report of November 15, 1942, for Historiography, p. 62
4. From Steam Chambers to Carbon Monoxide Chambers, p. 64
5. Origin of the Version of Carbon Monoxide Gas Chambers, p. 70
6. Triumph of the Version of Carbon Monoxide Gas Chambers, p. 74

Chapter III: Investigations, Camp Plans, Statistics, p. 77

1. Soviet Investigations and Forensic Examinations, p. 77
2. Polish Investigations and Forensic Examinations, p. 82
3. Assessment of the Investigations, p. 89
4. Plans of Treblinka, p. 91
5. Number of Victims of Treblinka: Origin of the Official Figure, p. 96

Chapter IV: The Alleged Extermination Facilities in Treblinka: An Historical and Technical Analysis, p. 111

1. Planning and Construction of the Eastern ‘Extermination Camps’, p. 111
2. The Alleged Killing Installations in Treblinka, p. 116
3. Diesel engine or Gasoline Engine?, p. 121
4. The ‘Struggle’ between Engine Exhaust Gases and Hydrogen Cyanide Gas, p. 125
5. The ‘Mission’ of Kurt Gerstein, p. 126
6. Russian Engines or German Engines?, p. 132
7. Gas Chambers or Asphyxiation Chambers?, p. 133
8. The Problem of Air Pressure in Gas Chambers, p. 136
9. The Burning of Bodies: The Mass-Graves, p. 137

a. Number and Size of the Graves, p. 137
b. Site of the Mass-Graves, p. 138
c. The Excavated Earth, p. 139
d. A Comparison with the Mass-Graves of Treblinka I, p. 139
e. The Excavators of Treblinka, p. 140

10. Early Cremations, p. 141
11. Cremation Facility, p. 143
12. Cremation, p. 145

a. Complexity of the Problem, p. 145
b. Number and Structure of the Cremation Facilities, p. 146
c. Arrangement of the Corpses on the Cremation Grates, p. 148
d. Wood Requirement, p. 148
e. Ashes, p. 150
f. Wood Supply, p. 151
g. Lack of Documentary Evidence for Cremations, p. 152

13. Witness Testimonies about Cremations, p. 153
14. Number of Those Gassed Daily, p. 155
15. Property of Deportees as Material Evidence for their Extermination, p. 157

a. Hair, p. 158
b. Shoes, p. 159
c. Articles of Clothing, p. 159

Chapter V: Treblinka Trials, p. 161

1. Confessions as a Basis for Historiography, p. 161
2. West German Treblinka Trials, p. 162
3. The Demjanjuk Trial in Jerusalem, p. 169

Part 2: The Function of Treblinka: An Alternative Interpretation, p. 177
Chapter VI: National-Socialist Policy of Jewish Emigration, p. 179

1. Emigration, p. 179
2. The Madagascar Plan, p. 181
3. From Madagascar Plan to Deportation to the East, p. 183
4. Results of the NS Policy of Promoting Jewish Emigration, p. 193
5. The Start of Deportation of Jews to the East, p. 194
6. Direct Transports of Jews to the Eastern Territories, p. 196
7. Numerical Data of Direct Transports to the Eastern Territories, p. 199

Chapter VII: The Role of the Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories, p. 203

1. Initial Situation, p. 203
2. Reasons for Mass-Shootings, p. 205
3. The Scale of the Shootings, p. 208

a. The Number of Jews Killed in Latvia, p. 208
b. The Number of Jews Killed in Lithuania, p. 209
c. Lithuanian Jews in Territories Annexed by the Reich, p. 210
d. Simferopol and the Manstein Trial, p. 210
e. Babi Yar, p. 211
f. Jews in Lithuanian Ghettos and Camps who Were Unfit for Work, p. 211
g. Jews Unfit for Work in the Ghetto of Brest, p. 214
h. Jews Unfit for Work in the Ghetto of Minsk, p. 214
i. Transfers of Baltic Jewish Children to Stutthof, p. 215

4. Operation 1005, p. 217
5. The Fate of the Western Jews in the East, p. 229

Chapter VIII: Indirect Transports of Jews to the Eastern Territories, p. 233

1. The ‘Jewish Reservation’ of Lublin, p. 233
2. Transports of Jews into the Lublin District in 1942, p. 234
3. Numerical Analysis of the Transports into the Lublin District, p. 242
4. Beginning of the Transports of Jews to Auschwitz, p. 245
5. Auschwitz as a Transit Camp for Western Jews, p. 250
6. Final Destination of Jews Deported to the East, p. 253
7. Transfers into the District of Galicia, p. 261
8. National-Socialist Policy of Resettlement of Jews in the East according to Demographer Eugene M. Kulischer, p. 268

Chapter IX: Transit Camp Treblinka, p. 275

1. Deportations of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto (1942), p. 275
2. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Stroop Report, p. 281
Deportations from the ghetto of Białystok and the Transit Camp Małkinia, p. 288
4. Treblinka: Gas Chambers or Delousing Chambers?, p. 290
5. What was the Fate of the Deportees?, p. 295

Chapter X: Conclusion, p. 301
Epilogue, p. 305
Appendices, p. 313

Documents, p. 315
Photographs, p. 339
Abbreviations, p. 350
Bibliography, p. 351

Index of Names, p. 361

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HOLOCAUST Handbook Series, vol. 8:
Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf:
Treblinka. Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?
Translated by Regina Belser
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Imprint of Castle Hill Publishers, January 2004
ISBN: 1-59148-000-0
ISSN: 1529-7748

Original German edition:
Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf:
Vernichtungslager oder Durchgangslager?
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