If there wouldn't be an Ernst ZŁndel, there wouldn't be a Germar Rudolf--at least not the one who is a permanent pain in the a.. of those who do not want us to critically look into WWII historiography.

In summer 1989, I accidentally learned about the so-called "Leuchter Report", the now (in)famous expert report on the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek. This document was prepared on behalf of the defense of Ernst ZŁndel, who, in early 1988 in Toronto, Canada, was prosecuted for the second time for his dissenting views on the so-called "Holocaust".

When I held this Leuchter Report in my hands in summer 1989, however, I did not know anything about Ernst ZŁndel, and that was good so, because if I had known, I probably wouldn't have touched it. At that time, I honestly thought that this was a document prepared by an apolitical American citizen and expert on execution technology and without the context of any apologetic tendencies toward the Third Reich. The technical and chemical arguments compiled in this report made me doubt the accuracy of what we think is true about the Holocaust, and led me on a course of critical investigation of this matter.

Hence, I was quite shocked when I learned several months later that this expert report had been prepared for a defendant who was a confessing National Socialist and admirer of Adolf Hitler: Ernst ZŁndel. Who would want to see his reputation tainted by associating with such a person or anything he produced? And isn't it obvious that if a "Nazi" says "One and One is Two", that he must be wrong? After all, "Nazis" are evil and always wrong, aren't they?

My path to and within Revisionism, now counting 13 years, was a rough one, and I might say that Ernst ZŁndel is NOT to be blamed for it. In contrast to many others, in particular dedicated anti-Nazis, Ernst did not even cause me a headache. Although I still have my political problems with some of his views, I have learned a lot during those several occasions when I had the pleasure-- yes, pleasure!--to meet Ernst. And guess what! I learned that "Nazis" can be decent, sympathetic, reasonable, polite, tolerant, and smart people, in contrast to so many non- and anti-Nazis. And I also learned that One and One is even then Two when a "Nazi" claims it. Well, perhaps Ernst is an exception from the rule--my statistical data about the character of National Socialists is too small to make a judgment--but he sure is a really likeable person and everything else but an extremist, quite an antithesis to the generally held clichť about National Socialists.

Since late 1991, when my own Expert Report was in the making, Ernst tried to get the rights to publish it, both in German and English. I refused to cooperate, because I didn't want to see it published by a "Nazi". Well, it finally was published by Major General Remer and his friends, who are probably more radical than Ernst ever was, so I probably made the wrong choice when I turned Ernst down in December 1991 and again in late 1992.

Anyway, here it is now in English, ten years after the first German court version was finished.

I do not claim that it will help Ernst in his struggle for freedom and freedom of speech. Perhaps the opposite is true. After all, I had to learn the hard way that the better our revisionist arguments become, the more dangerous we are for those who hate us, hence the more we will be persecuted. So here now is the reason for the powers that be to turn the thumb screws once more.

All I can do to help Ernst is to join  Wilhelm II von Hohenzollern: I no longer know any parties, I know only Revisionists -- and every critically thinking human being is a revisionist (which doesn't mean that all human beings think critically, I am afraid to say...).

Today they get the Ernst ZŁndels, because they are "Nazis". Tomorrow it might be the Germar Rudolfs, because they associated with "Nazis". The day thereafter, it may be you.

Millions say: "I alone cannot change anything." -- millions!

Think about it!

Germar Rudolf, Chicago, IL, February 10, 2003

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