The War in Iraq: How Jewish-Zionism Benefits

By Paul Grubach, © 2004

As more Americans die in Iraq almost on a daily basis, and Iraqi Arabs continue to suffer the ravages of war, the ardently pro-Zionist mainstream media continues to hide from its viewers how Israel and Jewish-Zionism are reaping benefits from this tragic conflict.
First, US forces eliminated an implacable foe of Israel in President Saddam Hussein and the threat from the weapons of mass destruction he was alleged to possess.  Indeed, some time before this war even began, General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, acknowledged to a very respected British news source that President Bush's war plans serve, first and foremost, Jewish-Zionist interests.  He stated:[1]"Those who favor this attack [against Hussein's Iraq] now tell you candidly and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States.  But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel."
Furthermore, now that US forces have a foothold in Iraq, they could be prodded into making strikes against Israel's other foes in the region, like Syria and Iran.  This would save the lives of Jewish Israeli's, but put more American soldiers in danger of death.  It is no accident that the ardently pro-Zionist "neo-conservatives" have already spoken of "regime changes" for Iran and Syria.
Second, Israel now stands to gain much needed Iraqi oil reserves.  From another respected Internet news source, we read:[2]"[The] minister for national infrastructures [of Israel] Joseph Paritzky was considering the possibility of reopening the long-defunct oil pipeline from Mosul to the Mediterranean port of Haifa. With Israel lacking energy resources of its own and depending on highly expensive oil from Russia, reopening the pipeline would transform its economy."
The article continues: "It is understood from diplomatic sources that the Bush administration has said it will not support lifting UN sanctions on Iraq unless Saddam's successors agree to supply Israel with oil."  The authors add this most cogent observation:[2]"All of this lends weight to the theory that Bush's war is part of a masterplan to reshape the Middle East to serve Israel's interests. Haaretz quoted Paritzky as saying that the pipeline project is economically justifiable because it would dramatically reduce Israel's energy bill."
Finally, Cleveland Jewish News reported on an ongoing campaign to move Iraqi Jews to Israel, something that was possible only after Saddam Hussein was removed from power.[3]  Rachel Zelon, the vice president of program operations for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society who is quite instrumental in this campaign to move Iraqi Jews to Israel, made this quite revealing statement:[3] "We value Jewish life in a way I've never seen other communities value or care for their own...We go to any lengths to be there and save another Jew..."
Lo and Behold!!  This is very probably the attitude of the Jewish-Zionist advisors that surround President Bush.  Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a dedicated Jewish-Zionist, was the main Bush administration advocate for war on Iraq.  Like Rachel Zelon stated: "We go to any lengths to be there and save another Jew."  I strongly suspect that he would "go to any lengths to be there and save another Jew"--even if it means driving the United States into a war that will result in the death of many Americans.