Siegfried Verbeke (63) during intermission at his latest Belgian trial in September 2003, proudly wearing a T-shirt with the website founded by him, today the biggest revisionist website worldwide:

27 November 2004

Leading European Revisionist Siegfried Verbeke Arrested -- and Later Released

By Germar Rudolf

After seven years of persecution and harassment by the Belgian and German authorities, Flemish revisionist publisher Siegfried Verbeke (picture) was arrested on Nov. 27, 2004, following a German arrest warrant. On Friday, Dec. 12, 2004, the judges of a Belgian court of Courtrai decided, however, that Verbeke is not to be extradited to Germany, because as a Belgian citizen he has a right to be tried in his own country, where the same criminal offense exists for which Germany wants to prosecute him (Holocaust denial).

In 1983, Siegfried Verbeke had established his Flemish Foundation for Free Historical Research (Stichting Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, VHO), which ever since was focusing on promoting historical research and publications that bring the writing of history about World War II in general and the so-called Holocaust in particular into accord with the facts. In 1996, Siegfried Verbeke agreed to cooperate with German revisionist publisher to launch a German language division of VHO under its umbrella, headed by German Rudolf. In September 1997, Germar Rudolf launched VHO's Internet presence with the website, which in the meantime has risen to be the largest revisionist website in the World. As a result of these activities, Verbeke became the target of persecution by the Belgian government:

On Nov. 9, 2004, the Belgium Supreme Court declared Belgium's largest party "Vlaamse Blok" (Flemish block) a "criminal organization" and ordered its dissolution. This is so because the Vlaamse Blok is against mass immigration, for an independent Flemish nation, and many of its leading members have revisionists viewpoints. Since this party's success could not be stopped, the "democrats" of Belgium simply outlawed it. This is democracy: If elections do not have the results as wanted by the powers that be, they simply throw democracy into the dust bin. Who gives a f... anyway.

They do the same with dissidents: If they cannot refute the dissident's views, they simply ban those views, burn their books, and arrest the dissidents. Following the motto: opinions are free, but the dissidents are arrested. You can challenge the veracity of accounts about Stalin's genocides, you can do the same for the genocide against the Tutsis or any other genocide, but don't you dare doubting the veracity of accounts regarding the genocide against the Jews! Jews are god-like creatures! Doubting them is punished with destruction of your social existence, confiscation of your property, and loss of freedom for many, many years!

Western governments are complaining about human rights violations in China, Iran, North Korea, and what have you, but they'd better clean up their own back yard before complaining about the dirt in their neighbor's yard.