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The Revisionist. Journal for Critical Historical Inquiry

The Journal for Open-Minded and Curious Thinkers
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Trial Issue TR, vol. 1, no. 1., February 2003, 120 pp.  free Read this Issue Online!
The Dawning of a New Era · Open Air Incinerations in Auschwitz: Rumor or Reality? · Ground Water in the Area of the POW camp Birkenau · “Cremation Pits” and Ground Water Levels at Birkenau · Auschwitz: The Dwindling Death Toll · How many deaths at Auschwitz? · Cautious Mainstream Revisionism · Auschwitz. Fritjof Meyer’s New Revisions · Poison Gas Über Alles · Certainty about Werner Heisenberg · The Hole in the Door · WW II: Whose War was it? · New Aspects of Andreij Vlassov · Was the Me262 the First Airplane to Break the Sound Barrier? · The Unknown Famine Holocaust · The Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction · Swing Dancing “Verboten” · A Look Back at Revisionism · Book Reviews · How the United States started the Vietnam War · From the Records of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial · In Brief

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March 12, 2006 :

The future of The Revisionist is still uncertain. Until the matter has been clarified, we are not taking any subscriptions.
Previous issues can still be purchased from our online store however.

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