Open Letter to Deborah Lipstadt

By Paul Grubach

Dear Dr. Lipstadt:

I have just finished reading D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial.

There is one passage in the book that really struck me. On page 209, Guttenplan wrote: " was hard not to feel queasy listening to Rampton quiz Irving about his attitude to 'intermarriage between the races'--on behalf of a defendant [Dr. Lipstadt] who has written, 'We know what we fight against: anti-Semitism, and assimilation [of Jews with non-Jews], intermarriage [between Jews and non-Jews] and Israel-bashing."

Deborah Lipstadt

In your book, Denying the Holocaust (pp.106,107,142,144,146, passim), you condemned white revisionists who oppose white racial integration and intermarriage with nonwhites. Yet, you--Deb Lipstadt--oppose Jewish assimilation and intermarriage with non-Jews. Guttenplan has pointed out that you wished you could have gone down to the Southern United States in the 1960s to march and facilitate the integration of Blacks and whites in the South (p.61-62). In 1964 or 1965, you participated in a civil rights march in Harlem. Yet, you are an ardent supporter of the Jewish State of Israel where racial segregation between Jews and Arabs is a fact of life, and the civil rights of Israeli Arabs are violated as a matter of course. You push for racial equality and racial integration here in America--but you ardently support Israel where racial inequality is an established part of the social order. Please read the book, Israel: An Apartheid State, by Israeli academic Uri Davis.

As the expert on extremism, Laird Wilcox, has pointed out, one of the characteristics of an extremist is that he/she promotes hypocritical double standards and feels no guilt for so doing. I am afraid, Dr. Lipstadt, that this applies to you. You appear to have no qualms about promoting a racial double standard in regard to Jews and non-Jews.

Really Dr. Lipstadt, you should sit down and engage in some self-examination.

Paul Grubach


Installed: 07/27/98, 1: 00 AM, PST

Source: The Revisionist, Codoh Series, No. 4, 2001, pp. .
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