The Revisionist

Title page TR 2/2003

Volume 1 · Issue 2 · May 2003


The Elephant(s) in the Room, by Bradley R. Smith, p. 122

On The Brink of World War Three, by Germar Rudolf, p. 124

Climatology—Science or Ideology?, by Oswald Nettesheim, p. 131

All Men Are Equal—But Are They Really?, by Paul Grubach, p. 139

Polish Population Losses during World War Two, by Dr. Otward Müller, p. 151

The Expulsion of Germans from Japan, 1947-1948, by Charles Burdick, PhD, p. 156

Holocaust Movie Shoah Exposed as Propaganda

The ‘Discovery’ of ’Bunker 1’ at Birkenau: Swindles, Old and New, by Carlo Mattogno, p. 176

Ernst Zündel: His Struggle for Germany, by Dr. Ingrid Rimland, p. 183

Bing goes Hayward’s Ghost, by Dr. Fredrick Töben, p. 197

Discovering Absurdistan, by Germar Rudolf, p. 203

Censorship of the Internet, by Germar Rudolf, p. 220

Book Reviews

Research News

Letters to the Editor, p. 239

In Brief, p. 240