Revisionism in Cartoons

By Germar Rudolf

But I have checked a detail of his thesis, that concerning the ventilation of Zyklon B. Here is what virtually all the witnesses said:

The victims were pushed into the gas chamber.

The door was closed and Zyklon B

There was a wait of a few minutes.

And when the door was opened:
"the still twitching victims fell into our arms..."; "five minutes later, the corpses were removed."

Everyone would have been dead! A room filled with Zyklon B gas has to be ventilated for hours (the manufacturer recommends 20 hours!)
... even with gas masks it would not have been possible. Do the same as I, inform yourselves!

That's the press. 40 years of information on the Holocaust and not a single journalist has gone to interview a specialist on gases. Don't buy newspapers, read novels!

In all the years that I worked together with Robert Faurisson on various publication projects, starting with my first meeting with him in Vichy in late fall 1991 until this very day, I have always experienced Robert's gentle and sometimes cynical humor. He frequently sent me cartoons drawn by some of his friends and supporters, which do what Robert seems to adore most: Boiling a complex problem down to the essentials and making it very easy to grasp.

The history of cartoons drawn about Dr. Faurisson's career as the world most influential revisionist is at once a depiction of the growing success of revisionism as well as of its growing persecution, but it has also drawn attention to the political dimension of revisionism. The following is a small collection of some of these cartoons with several remarks about their history and meaning.

The first series of cartoons reproduced here is based upon Robert's first and foremost statement about, as he put it,[1] the physical inconceivability of the Auschwitz gas chambers as described by many eye witnesses.[2] What it depicts is the way 'eyewitnesses' like the SS-man Richard Böck have described the alleged homicidal gassings in the so-called Bunkers at Auschwitz-Birkenau.[3] Although Robert Faurisson has been criticized for this simplification by both friend and foe, the facts laid out in this cartoon are basically correct.

The next cartoon makes reference to Chernobyl in 1986, at a time when the first Zündel trial of 1985 in Canada had made such an enormous impact - also because Ernst Zündel followed Robert Faurissons advice on how to conduct this trial - that the Holocaust Lobby realized that revisionism had become uncontrollable and dangerous to them.

Having realized that there really is no physical proof for the existence of homicidal gas chambers in the Third Reich - Faurisson's most important thesis - the Holocaust lobby came up with all sorts of 'criminal traces' in order to prove Faurisson wrong,[4] although when looking closer at this evidence, it always turned out to be a swindle.[5]

Imagine you find a room, which has wooden doors with felt gasket, a ventilation system, and maybe even a pipe reaching into it: would that be evidence that this room was a gas chamber? Because that's the kind of evidence the Holocaust lobby presents us. If that is evidence, indeed, then look around in any public building anywhere in the world: All of them have doors with felt or rubber gaskets, a ventilation system, and certainly some pipes reaching into every room. Now imagine any of these buildings abandoned after a lost war, partly dismantled and deteriorating: wouldn't there be plenty of evidence that they all were gas chambers, in which all the governments of all nations regularly gassed their citizens?

The next to cartoons depict the situation before and after the Second Zündel trial in 1988, when the Leuchter Report, initiated by the genius of Robert Faurisson, unleashed an avalanche of follow-up forensic research that gave the gas chamber myth the final blow.

There are, of course, also those other cartoons which were created in an atmosphere of apparent revisionist victory and inspired by the radical attitude of recent converts. Not all of them are of good taste, but a rough kind of humor is not yet punishable by law, at least not in the US. It may be different elsewhere, particularly in Austria and Germany.

Most revisionist readers will be well-acquainted with the topics addressed here, first the story of soap made of Jewish fat, today generally admitted to be wartime propaganda;[6] the claims of various medical experiences especially in Auschwitz, where outrageous and utterly senseless surgeries like the one depicted are reported by totally untrustworthy witnesses; and finally Robert Faurisson's challenge to "Show me or Draw me a Nazi Gas Chamber," that is, a gas chamber specifically designed for the

 chemical mass slaughter of people that could perform the task as described by the eyewitnesses. Since nobody was ever able to meet this challenge, Ditlieb Felderer, the revisionist with probably the rudest humor of all, made fun of the whole theme.

In the early 1990s, however, the authorities in various western countries saw themselves 'obligated' to stifle freedom of science, to muffle free speech, to suffocate liberty. The introduction of special censorship laws in France - also called Lex Faurissonia - Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and other countries is the topic of the following cartoons. Some expose these measures as

Jewish Soap Opera

 what they are - comparable to medieval suppression of human reasoning in general - but others give credit to the one person, which scared the authorities so much that he became a synonym for trouble.

In 1996, the "scandal Roger Garaudy/Abbé Pierre" erupted in France. Garaudy, an icon of France's radical left, and Abbé Pierre, so-to-say France's Father Theresa, unexpectedly spoke out in favor of revisionism.[7] Although the establishment tried everything to quickly extinguish the revisionist conflagration caused by this, it was to no avail: To this day,

 Roger Garaudy sticks to his revisionist views, which were primarily inspired by Faurisson's work (although Garaudy did not admit this in his book that started the whole 'scandal'.[8])

After drastic censorship laws had been introduced in many countries in the early

 1990s, basically outlawing criticism against many Jewish activities - Switzerland adopted such a law in 1995 - Jewish organizations put first Switzerland (1996) and subsequently many other nations of Europe under massive pressure to pay them billions of dollars for alleged misdeeds some citizens of these countries had or had not committed sixty years earlier. Although revisionism was now bitterly needed to enable these countries' self-defense, they had just paralyzed themselves, penalizing its historians into total submission - which was unfortunately not very difficult with most historians, considering their incredible servility and spinelessness. Thus the flood-gates to a multi-billion dollar Shoa business were opened widely.

British historian David Irving, magically attracted to revisionism by the second Zündel trial and its sensational Leuchter Report, gave revisionism its own somewhat awkward boost by causing a trial in London in 2000.[9] Though the trial itself cannot be called revisionist as such, as Irving himself is not an expert in this field, it nevertheless brought worldwide attention to the 'strange' fact that the particular morgue in Auschwitz, which was supposedly used most intensively as a homicidal slaughterhouse, did not have the holes in its roof, which the witnesses and mainstream historians claim were used to fill Zyklon B into the chamber.[10]

"Show me or draw me a gas chamber"

Also during this trial, many other revisionist arguments refuting those futile 'criminal traces,' which allegedly prove homicidal gassings, were

 brought to public attention. One example concerns the simple wooden doors found in the former Auschwitz camp, which are claimed to have served as doors in gas chamber, where hundreds of victims are said to have been killed at a time, although such doors would never have withstood the pressure of a panicking crowd pushing against it.[11]

Since David Irving stubbornly refused to accept such and similar 'evidence' as proof for homicidal gassings, the London Court concluded that, since David Irving could not see a gas chamber in Auschwitz, he must be an evil anti-Semite...

The ultimate power test of the Holocaust-Mafia started in 2000/2001, when Israel had to retreat from southern Lebanon and faced a military disaster. As we all know, this was most conveniently prevented by the events of '9/11,' which allowed the mobilization of a 'war against terror' against all nations that accidentally happen to be a threat to Israel. Ever since, endless amounts of money, weapons, and soldiers have been marching to the drums of America's chosen 'Neo-Cons,' accompanied by the unlimited moral support of all western nations - or at least their most influential lobby groups - because after the Holocaust, the Jews deserve our unconditional support, may never be criticized, and can get away with everything, since, when compared with Hitler and his gas chambers, even today's Israeli soldiers look like virgins, don't they?

The Revisionist Book

Parallel to this political and psychological occupation of the western world by the Jewish lobby with its brainwashing techniques by means of the 'Holocaust' drug, censorship measures were stepped up in many western societies by ever more increasing persecutions of 'thought criminals' by penal law or, where that runs against the constitution, by creating 'Humans Rights Commissions' whose duty it is to deny basic human rights to those who have something to say that influential groups hate. Thus came about a new definition of a hate crime: A hate crime is an otherwise legal act that a powerful person hates, and in our specific case on might add that an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by the Jews.

Of course, we have to be careful to avoid any clichés, like the one of the 'eternal Jew.' As a matter of fact, not all Jews are promoting Holocaust lies, and not all Holocaust promoters are Jews.

I divide the groups who massively benefit from the Holocaust myths into three groups:

a) Zionists. This includes most, but not all Jews, but also many Christians who have an irrational adoration for Jews as God's Chosen People. There certainly are more Zionist Christians in the world than Zionist Jews, though Christians are usually not as fanatic as Jews. Why Zionists benefit from the Holocaust myth is obvious, as it gives Jews an aura of being morally unassailable, which is the pole position to gain control over other groups of people. Finally, most Zionist Christians are Zionist because they believe in the Holocaust, which turned the Jews as such and the modern Israeli State with them into religious icons.

b) International capitalism has an interest in breaking down borders both politically/fiscally as well as culturally/ethnically, because every capitalist's profit rises if he can freely sell the same products everywhere in the world. The Holocaust is usually depicted as the logical outcome of rightwing ideologies (like National Socialism), as the ultimate result of nationalism and ethnic exclusivism: Thus, the Holocaust Myth is the perfect weapon to fight any kind of national (speak: rightwing) independence, autarky, and protectionism, any kind of cultural and ethnic identity and exclusivism.

c) All egalitarian ideologues have a wonder-weapon in the Holocaust myth, as it is the ultimate 'proof' of the absolute evil of any ideology, which distinguishes between subsets of humanity. With the Holocaust as an argument, everybody dissenting with egalitarian views can easily be silenced by putting him into context with the gas chambers:

"We all know where ideologies end, which claim that people are not equal: they end in the gas chambers of Auschwitz."

Although egalitarian (leftist) ideologues are usually opposed to international capitalism, they

There comes Faurisson!

 effectively support each other, because the destruction of specific cultures and ethnic groups - identity against equality - is a goal of both ideologies. Leftist ideologies are also usually opposed to altruistic values, which require a feeling of identity with a distinguished group and self-sacrificial behavior in favor of this group (and thus at least indirectly against other groups). International capitalism shares this intention to destroy identities and all ties to identifiable people, because the atomized consumer without identity, who has mere egoistic, materialistic, hedonistic 'values,' but no altruistic ideals anymore, can be manipulated very easily to a lemming-like behavior, easy prey for any advertising campaign.

Demographics show that the indigenous populations of Europe collapse as a result of a hedonistic pandemic, which is flooding this continent with an intensity that goes parallel with the intensity of Holocaust propaganda. In one hundred years, Europe will be depopulated of its original people, replaced by aliens mainly from Asia Minor and Africa. North America is facing a similar situation, but it may be seen as a mere 'reconquista' by mainly Mexican mestizos.

International capitalism brings the world to the brink of a worldwide economic collapse - and soon beyond - mainly driven by a progressive redistribution of wealth from poor to rich, caused by a monetary system based on public debt and interest on interest. Social unrest, perhaps even revolution is unavoidable in the long run. A way out seems impossible, as it requires radical 'new' financial concepts, which had been successfully tested by... the unspeakable regime that is claimed to have invented the 'gas chambers.' So hush up everybody and keep running toward the cliffs!


This is the picture of a homicidal gas chamber. If you cannot see it, this is because you are an anti-Semite. 

In the meantime, Washington's Zionist lobby has started to wage an 'eternal' war in order to stabilize Israel, conquer Middle East petroleum sources, and support the crumbling international capitalist system's backbone - the U.S. Dollar - by pure force and violence. It will all be in vain, as nobody can evade the mathematical laws of exponential functions lurking behind interest on interest and public debt.

Who sees the whole picture? It is the revisionists, who have recognized the central role that the Holocaust myth is playing in the power games of those who want to dominate the entire world and turn it into a single, unified, undistinguishable mass market of dumbed-down consumers without an identity, without a history, without a future. Turning against the flow of this huge flock of sheep running toward a cliff is tough and will lead to many huffs and puffs, but it's the only way to avoid disaster.[12]

German Historians

The Black Sheep: A Revisionist

Germar Rudolf, German citizen, was born in 1964 in Limburg, Germany. He received his Master's degree in Chemistry from Bonn University in 1989, followed by studies for his PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart between October 1990 and June 1993. In Winter 1990/91, Rudolf began private studies to verify the so-called Leuchter Report, which led to The Rudolf Report. As a result of multifold political pressure, the University of Stuttgart refused to accept his dissertation and the German authorities sentenced him to 14 months in prison and started many more prosecutions to curtail Rudolf's revisionist activities. Rudolf went into British exile in spring 1996, where he established his revisionist publishing company Castle Hill Publishers. Rudolf has published three books and several pamphlets as an author, two as an editor, numerous articles, most of which appeared in his periodicals Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung and The Revisionist, and has published numerous books by other authors. He currently resides in Chicago, USA, where he has applied for political asylum. For more information consult


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Just as I wrapped up this contribution, I had the pleasure to receive from my friend Jean Plantin a booklet with the title Le Petit Révisionniste Illustré, published by Éditions du samizdat, which features many more cartoons on revisionism on 72 A4 pages. I hope to put this entire work online at soon.

Source: The Revisionist 2(1) (2004), pp. 39-44.

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