Director of the Exactitude Symphony

By Ernst C.F. Zündel

Ernst Zündel’s contribution was written on December 5, 2003, from the Rexdale, Ontario, GULag in the People’s Republic of Canada, that is, from his solitary confinement cell where he is being held as a political prisoner of conscience by the Crown authorities. His location is the Toronto-West Detention Center, 111 Disco Road Box 4950, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada MAW 1M3. His Jewish accusers allege that he is "a threat to the national security" of the nation of Canada because of his wife’s website Zü, which was established and is operated in the USA where freedom to dissent from the Jewish Holocaust Story continues to be a cherished freedom – quite unlike New World Order Canada, Germany, and France, to name only a few nations who operate their own GULags, wherein the Holocaust Inquisitors imprison their hapless victims at enormous taxpayer expense. In this tribute from a dismal and depressing jail cell in Canada – which otherwise prides itself on being a modern, democratic, liberal member of the United Nations – the German-Canadian immigrant and radical pacifist Ernst Zündel pours out his enthusiastic praise for the scholarly work and profound courage exhibited by Professor Dr. Robert Faurisson, who has been severely beaten by known Jewish criminals in France, but who has not yet been imprisoned, although forced into French ‘Show-Trial’ court proceedings many times, where he is not allowed to present the best material evidence nor the best expert witnesses available. Thus, it is fitting in this Festschrift for the prisoner of conscience Zündel, a man on the political Right, to offer his paean to Faurisson, an atheist and man on the political Left, since Historical revisionism is at bottom a method for historiography rather than a political enterprise. Both Zündel and Faurisson cling tenaciously to free and open debate in the Marketplace of Ideas, as it were, for the Jewish Holocaust Story with its sum total of real tragedy for many innocent men, women, and children, but also with its real guilt for many Jews who broke laws and who conspired against duly established governments, committed atrocities and sabotage, and engaged in blackmarketeering, money laundering, counterfeiting, and open revolution in support of Bolshevism. These two Europeans know firsthand the wrath of ‘the Holocaust Industry’ in their respective countries of Germany, France, and Canada, and they both are eager ‘to make old bones’ and one day see the academic, political, and media leaders finally admit that the (hated!) revisionists were correct: "No holes? No gas chambers!"

Robert H. Countess


I received news that you (the editor) wanted to do a Festschrift for my friend and mentor Robert Faurisson, the Father of modern revisionism! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this. I can think of no one who deserves recognition more than Dr. Faurisson!

I remember as if it were yesterday, when I received a poorly printed German language, one-page Flugblatt, a handbill which stated Dr. Faurisson’s reasons why he no longer believed in the gas chambers, giving his reasons clearly, succinctly, without a lot of embellishment. It was after 1975! The text was short and to the point! The translator had done a good job! I kept that one page flyer on my desk for a whole week, looking at it 2-3 times a day, reflecting on it, saying to myself: "That is it!"

Then I determined right then and there that I had to meet this French Professor! No address was given for him, no address on the flyer! I began to track the man down by contacting a number of leading political activists in Europe. It did not take all that long and I had the address and more information, more complete than the flyer. Then Thies Christophersen (German, now deceased. Ed.) published something in the little magazine Die Bauernschaft by Dr. Faurisson. Even more information and more explanations, all in an exceptionally lucid, easy to understand style.

Around this time in 1979, I received an invitation to a conference in California being held on the campus of Northrop University, a gathering of ‘revisionist scholars’. I saw that Dr. Faurisson, Thies Christophersen, Udo Walendy, Professor Arthur Butz, and many other famous revisionist researchers were going to be there, and I decided to attend. Fate held a surprise in store for me!

Dr. Faurisson was extremely fatigued by his long plane trip, and someone was needed to read his paper. And for some reason still not clear to me even to this very day, I was chosen for that honor! People must understand that I had no chance to first read this lecture. I was handed it and directed towards the speakers’ lectern, Dr. Faurisson’s speech/lecture/paper was in my surprised hands.

One can only imagine my profound surprise when I saw some of the technical/architectural drawings for the first time in my life – drawings of the morgue rooms of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the crematories, the techniques carefully described for the cremation process. All was quite a revelation to me and very much like thunderclaps from heaven above! Particularly, I was impressed with the argument he made that the problem of the alleged homicidal gas chambers could at last be solved! Solved by technical, forensic examinations in a scientific manner. No more amassing mere words and emotional statements by alleged ‘eyewitnesses to genocide.’ Instead, one could appeal to hard, material scientific data open to any serious physical scientist.

I knew as I was reading the words off the lecture sheets: ‘Ernst Zündel, this is it! This vexing problem will be solved.’ Thus, I became, as it were, ‘a Faurisson disciple’ during those very exciting moments, and I have remained one ever since.

Dr. Faurisson was a man of the Left. He had been warned that I was a man of the Right – worse than that even: that I held sincere, but in my mind, a rational admiration for Adolf Hitler; and still worse, one might add, that I had written and published books such as Nazi Flying Saucers. Therefore, some thought that Dr. Faurisson’s credibility would be compromised through any association with me. I was keenly aware of the rumors and the jealousy and dislike I engendered because of my, shall I say, extracurricular activities.

As I think back today at all this, I was careful to keep all this in mind while seeking to develop a relationship and to obtain more information from the French professor who became my mentor.

Slowly, a working relationship developed and when I was judicially charged by Canadian Crown authorities in 1983, I wrote Dr. Faurisson and told him what the charges consisted of, and I asked if he would be willing to act as my chief consultant as well as a witness for my defense. He accepted – to the dismay of some people, and even more so to the surprise of many academics, for whom I was at best ‘a publicity seeker’ and an ‘intellectual lightweight.’

Dr. Faurisson arrived for the preliminary hearing in June 1984 at a time when I had a lawyer with no great commitment to the issues at stake, a lawyer with only modest abilities, I must say. Both Faurisson and I were bothered by my attorney’s poor performance at this hearing.

I was bound over for trial, but I promised Faurisson that I would find a more dedicated and competent attorney in time for the trial itself. Fortunately, I found an attorney from Western Canada, Doug Christie and his associate Keltie Zubko who both worked well with Faurisson in preparing the list of witnesses and the trial strategy. My role was to be that of the accused, a lightning rod of all the hate and media focus for that hate, and I was to work as the facilitator/impresario in a legal drama taking place not in a theater but rather in a courtroom with the witness box as the stage!

Dr. Faurisson became the stage director, as it were, with Doug Christie the conductor, and I made sure that everything ran smoothly and that the witnesses showed up in time, that documents were prepared, that all were housed and fed, and that there was enough funding to pay lawyers, witnesses’ travel and housing – in short, that everyone performed his/her assigned tasks.

We virtually ‘sleep walked’ through this first trial together, losing it, then appealing the decision. On the day of the appeal, Dr. Faurisson was nearly beaten to death in a park near his home in Vichy by some hate-filled assassins while walking his dog. I spent sleepless nights worrying about the health of my good friend! We won the appeal and in the Supreme Court of Canada, the appeal decision was upheld! Thinking that all was now finished, I was recharged within days by the Crown. Once again – barely restored to health from his assassination attempt – Faurisson came to Toronto and assumed again his role as director, and together we found the American execution expert Fred Leuchter. Barbara Kulaszka, a brilliant and very hard working attorney, also came onto the team and, as they say: ‘The rest is history.’

In March 1988, Fred Leuchter traveled to Poland, examined Auschwitz-Birkenau’s alleged homicidal gassing chambers where some ‘four million Jewish martyrs’ were constantly declared dogmatically to have found their extermination at the hands of Germans. He hurriedly amassed his now famous report in a scientific manner usable in a court of law and within a short time, The Leuchter Report became a worldwide sensation and was translated into many languages!

Again I was found guilty, this time even losing my appeal, went to jail eleven times. Dr. Faurisson and I had developed a very harmonious relationship, which turned into a genuine friendship over these past fifteen years! In 1992, when the Canadian Supreme Court decided in my favor, we were overjoyed! All the anxieties and hard work, the many sacrifices in time and money had finally paid off! We had prevailed over the promoters of hatred against dissidents. Indeed, victory was sweet!

But the struggle continued and it still rages on even to the day I am writing this with a stubby pencil in my almost totally bare prison cell. But I bow my head in deep reverence and humility for the greatly deserved honor now being bestowed on one of the truly great men of Europe in an era when there are very few men of his stature who have the technical abilities and the unbridled courage to stand up and face the enemies of a scientific historiography on this Holocaust Industry. Professor Dr. Robert Faurisson has one of the finest minds I have ever come across, and he is ethically incorruptible. Truly, he is a man for whom the term exactitude is his modus operandi. I am privileged to call him my friend – even my dearest friend!

From my prison cell in solitary confinement in Toronto, Ontario, I want to extend my heartfelt ‘Happy Birthday,’ Robert, on your seventy-fifth! Well do I remember the forces of hate announcing back in the 1980s that ‘Faurisson will not make old bones.’

Your bones are now indeed ‘old,’ but they are strong and they are good!

Ernst C.F. Zündel, German citizen, born 1939 in Calmbach, Germany. Zündel emigrated to Canada in 1958, where he pursued a successful career as a graphic artist. In the 1960s, he developed a strong interest in the history of Third Reich Germany, which led him to meet and interview many individuals of that period. Zündel authored, published, and distributed several booklets and pamphlets on this topic, but is best known for his 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials in Toronto, where he was accused of allegedly "knowingly spreading false news" about the Holocaust. During these trials, Zündel and his defense team challenged the orthodox version of what is alleged to have happened to Europe’s Jews under Hitler. In the midst of the 1988 trial, Zündel sent a forensic investigative team to Auschwitz to test if ‘gassings’ really happened. The findings of this team are summarized in the best-selling Leuchter Report, the first such forensic report, since replicated, documenting that ‘gassings,’ as alleged, could simply not have happened. A lifelong human rights activist, motivated by his desire to rehabilitate the maligned image of his parents’ World War II generation, Zündel has spent decades in courtrooms in various Holocaust trials, securing historically crucial transcripts of witnesses from many countries testifying under oath what really happened – and did NOT happen – in the Third Reich’s concentration camps. In 1992, Ernst Zündel was finally acquitted by the Canadian Supreme Court, which declared the law unconstitutional under which Zündel had been persecuted. A few years after that, however, the Canadian authorities established a ‘Human Right Commission,’ which could prosecute ‘offensive’ pubic statements outside of the legal system. Indicted by this commission, Zündel had to defend himself for five years against attempts to censor him and his associates. This trial resulted in a ruling by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that, in order to assess whether a defendant is guilty of having offended somebody with a public statement, the "Truth" of that statement "is no defense." In 2000, Ernst Zündel married a U.S. citizen and settled with her in Tennessee, where he was kidnapped on February 5, 2003, by several INS officers under an alleged minor immigration infraction and delivered in handcuffs and leg irons to his political opponents in Canada. He has been in solitary confinement under brutal prison conditions ever since – without having been charged of any crime! For more information go to www.Zü

Political prisoner Ernst Zündel
after his arrest in February 2003,
sitting in a police car

Source: The Revisionist 2(1) (2004), pp. 53-55.

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