The Revisionist

Title page TR 2/2004

Volume 2 · Issue 2 · May 2004


A Footnote of Irony, by Germar Rudolf, p. 122

The Marshall Plan Hoax, by Karl Baßler, p. 123

"Just Call Me Meyer" – A Farewell to "Obviousness", by Jürgen Graf, p. 127

On the Piper-Meyer-Controversy: Soviet Propaganda vs. Pseudo-Revisionism, by Carlo Mattogno, p. 131

The "Gas Testers" of Auschwitz, by Carlo Mattogno, p. 140

What happened to the Jews in Poland?, by Carl O. Nordling, p. 155

The Blue Color of the Jewish Victims at Belzec Death Camp – and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, by Charles D. Provan, p. 159

Some Hidden Legal Aspects of Concentration Camps, by Carlos W. Porter, p. 165

Jewish Myths about the Berlin Olympic Games (1936), by Dr. Robert Faurisson, p. 168

Allied Plans for the Annihilation of the German People, by Dr. Claus Nordbruch, p. 171

Marshal Tito’s Killing Fields, by Nikola Stedul and Dr. Tomislav Sunic, p. 181

The Myth of Mahatma Gandhi, by Arthur Kemp, p. 184

Julius Evola’s Political Testament, by Nigel Jackson, p. 187

Hitler’s and Saddam’s "Weapons of Mass Destruction", by Dr. Robert Faurisson, p. 204

Revisionism as a Political Factor in Germany, by Michael Ben Abbamari, p. 204


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Letters to the Editor, p. 233

In Brief, p. 241