Dipl.-Chem. Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf

Political Persecution of
a German Historical Dissident

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Auschwitz Forensics
Between 1991 and 1993, Germar Rudolf wrote an expert report on chemical and technical aspects of the gas chambers of Auschwitz. It was the beginning of an ongoing ordeal, because the result of this report violated the holiest of western taboos.

On the Eros of Cognition
A description of how Germar Rudolf came to doubt the accuracy of the historiography about the "Holocaust" and how he got involved into Revisionism. Not necessary to judge his current legal problems, but important to understand his motivation.

The Naiveté of a Young Revisionist
A description of how Germar Rudolf got in legal trouble after deciding to write an expert report about the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz for a defendant who choose not to take care about Rudolf's wishes to keep control over his own report.

Flaws of the State Under the Rule of Law
Stunning shortcomings of the German legal system as experienced by Germar Rudolf, which obviously allow massively politically distorted show trials as they are impossible in the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. Important to judge the reliability of German court verdicts in political trials.

The First Crime
In early 1993 Rudolf's Expert Report on the gas chambers of Auschwitz was published by a defendant, for whose defense in a German penal court the report had been prepared. However, the defendant included some comments by himself as a preface and a description of his own trial in the appendix of this report. In 1994/1995, Rudolf was prosecuted for this work and finally sentenced to 14 month in jail without probation, because, so the court, preface and appendix had turned the expert report into a political opinion not covered by German free speech laws.

The Second Crime
Summary of the trial against the publisher of the anthology "Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte" (English edition: Dissecting the Hoocaust), edited by Germar Rudolf, which ended with the book's confiscation and destruction. G. Rudolf fled abroad a few weeks before the trial started.

Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte (Foundations of Contemporary History): Expert Report
Expert report about the scholarly value of the above book, prepared by renowned German Historian Dr. Joachim Hoffmann. Germar Rudolf considers this book his "main work". The book can be ordered in English language, entitled "Dissecting the Holocaust", from Theses & Dissertations Press, PO Box 257768, Chicago, IL 60625 (2nd edition, 616 pp. paperback, $30 incl. shipping & handling inside US).

More Thought Crimes…
A list of fourteen known criminal proceedings started by several German courts against Germar Rudolf after he left Germany in early 1996, plus eleven more "thought crimes" he might be prosecuted for in Germany without his knowledge.

The Role of the Press in the Case of Germar Rudolf
A summary and critical discussion of one-sided, biased, or outright inventions about Germar Rudolf and his work by the mainstream media in Germany and elsewhere.

Outlawed in the Federal Republic of Germany
A well documented history of the social and legal persecution of Germar Rudolf and his family, from the early denunciations and legal prosecutions to the destruction of his career, his social environment, and finally his family.

Censorship in Germany? Never! Unless…
A general survey over modern German censorship, backed up with a lot of expert literature. Important to understand the zeitgeist reigning in Germany which lead to the prosecution of some 100,000 "thought criminals" during the last 10 years.

Germany – a Summer Nightmare
A study about the development of civil rights in Germany. Important article for those who want to learn how it can happen that a liberal republic can slowly be turned into a totalitarian state, a development that Germany has passed at least half way down the hill.

Discovering Absurdistan
General article on "The Deterioration of Civil Right under the Influence of Wartime Propaganda" in Germany, including a detailed discussion of many absurdities in a country where political correctness has gone rampant, destroying lots of civil rights.

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