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HOLOCAUST Handbooks Series, Vol. 3

THE GIANTZur deutschen Fassung dieses Buches



Table of Contents (PDF Files)

I - Introduction
II - General Remarks

1 - Consistent Ignoring of Opposing Theses
2 - No Photos, No Description of the Killing Gas Chambers and Gas Wagons
3 - Discrepancy Between the Title and the Content of the Work
III - Remarks on the First Volume
IV - The Lack of Documents on Jewish Annihilation Policy and Its Consequences for the Orthodox Historians
1 - "No Documents Have Survived"
2 - Intentionalists and Functionalists
3 - Raul Hilberg's Errors and Confusions
a - Was There the Ominous Hitler Order or Not?
b - "No Special Agency ... No Special Budget"
c - The Myth of the Code Language
d - Hitler Quote as "Proof" for the Mass Murder
e - Two Insoluble Problems
f - "An Incredible Meeting of Minds"
V -The Massacres on the East Front
1 - The Initial Situation
2 - Hilberg's Version of German Jewish Policy in the Occupied Soviet Territories
3 - On the Likelihood of Hilberg's Description
a - The Claimed Numbers of Victims of the Einsatzgruppen
b - The Refugees Drifting back into the Cities
c - The Purpose and the Course of the Ghettoization
4 - No Valid Evidence For the Claimed Approximately 1.2 Million Murdered Jews On the East Front
5 - Hilberg's Documentary Evidence
6 - Hilberg's "Affidavits" and Other Witness Evidence
7 - Hilberg's Invented "Shooting of Baltic Camp Inmates"
8 - What Really Happened to the Jews in the Occupied Soviet Territories?
VI - The Deportations
1 - The Initial Situation
2 - The Purpose of the Deportations: Labor Deployment versus Extermination
3 - Hilberg's Invented Mass Shootings in Galicia
4 - As Sheep to the Slaughter ...
5 - People "Gassed" in Auschwitz Turn Up In Stutthof
VII - The Killing Centers
1 - The Initial Situation
2 - Hilberg's Imaginary Number of Victims of the "Killing Camps"
3 - Killing Weapons and Removal of Corpses in the "Killing Camps", as Told by Hilberg
a - The "Pure Killing Camps"
b - Majdanek
c - Auschwitz-Birkenau
d - The Holocaust Pope with the Healthy Stomach
4 - Hilberg's Methodology: The Revaluation of All Values
a - Hilberg's Star Witnesses
b - Hilberg's Favorite Jewish Witness: Filip Müller
5 - Hilberg's Description of the Annihilation of the Jews in the Light of Technology and Toxicology
a - Diesel Motors as a Killing Weapon
b - Removal of Corpses in the "Pure Killing Camps": Case Study Belzec
c - Zyklon B as a Killing Weapon
d - The Practical Course of the Gassings in Crematories II and III in Birkenau, as Told by Hilberg
e - The Claimed Incineration of Sometimes 10,000 Corpses Daily in Birkenau
VIII - Hilberg's Statistics on Jewish Victims: Anatomy of a Fraud
1 - The "Three Categories of Victims"
2 - Hungary
3 - Poland
4 - The Soviet Union
5 - Summary
IX - Hilberg's Debacle at the First Zündel Trial
X - Conclusion
- The Opponents
- List of Sources
- List of Names


Graf, Jürgen:
The Giant With Feet of Clay.
Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the "Holocaust".
Translated by Michael Humphrey
Cover: Germar Rudolf
Capshaw (Alabama): Theses & Dissertations Press, May 2001
ISBN 0-9679856-4-1

Original German edition:
Graf, Jürgen:
Riese auf tönernen Füßen.
Raul Hilberg und sein Standardwerk über den "Holocaust".
Castle Hill Publishers, October 1999
ISBN 1-902619-02-1

© 1999, German edition by Jürgen Graf

© 2001, first English edition
by Theses & Dissertations Press,
now: PO Box 2577684, Chicago, IL 60625, USA

In the footnotes of this work, titles of monographies, anthologies and journals/newspapers are rendered in italics, titles of single contribution to them surrounded by quotation marks.

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