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Published by :
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 257768, Chicago, IL 60625, USA

“Your new magazine [The Revisionist] is great!”

Willis Carto, publisher of American Free Press and The Barnes Review, March 2003

“I am very impressed by the quality of VffG and by your work in general. I admire your capabilities and your commitment and hope that we can meet personally one day.”

Mark Weber, Institute for Historical Review, May 1998

“The VffG are good.”

Prof. em. Dr. Robert Faurisson, Oct. 1997

“For the development of a libertarian democracy in Europe, it is important that this journal exists.”

Arbeitskreis für Zeitgeschichte und Politik e.V. (Workshop for Modern History and Politics), Oct. 1997

“I have studied the first three issues of VffG and am surprised about the excellent work you accomplished under these difficult circumstances. I hope that you will be able to continue your activities.”

Prof. Dr. Arthur R. Butz, November 1997

“I would like to congratulate you and your staff at the end of this first successful year for your excellent journal. Direction and depth of VffG are exactly what is required, if we want to blaze a trail for truth.”

Dr. Fredrick Töben, Adelaide Institute, October 1997

“[…] the last issue of your VffG carried me away to an inner frenzy of enthusiasm. In particular the first article, of course. I am so glad that these findings, which have been gathered for years, finally find their way into the public. I feared already that all this would go mouldy in private archives.”

Ingrid Weckert, Munich, June 1998

“I am impressed by the sheer quality of your journal.”

David Irving, April 1997

“You do an excellent job! Layout and content are great. Keep up the good work! […] VffG is exactly the kind of journal, in the style of the Journal of Historical Review, which the Europeans need. Your efforts meet a big demand and will come to fruition.”

R. H. Countess, Ph.D., Theses & Dissertations Press, Oct. 1997

“VffG is excellent and surpasses the […] by far. The range and depth of the presented material is on the highest scholarly level. The selection of topics is very professional and unbiased. […]. The news covers everything. Letters to the editor, as they should be present in every respectable scholarly journal, are given sufficient space. […]
It is unfortunate that this journal appears only in German language. I have no doubt that during the next issues, the importance of this journal will surpass that of the
[…] easily.
The best of luck ought to be wished for this journal's young and meritorious editor and its contributions.”

J. Pawlikowski, Polish Historical Society, Stanford, CT, Dec. 1997

Due to its international attitude, its comprehensive offer of contacts and literature, and its […] scientific layout,  VffG could establish itself as the main revisionist organ, if it appears regularly.”

Dr. Günther Beckstein, Minister for the Interior, Bavaria, March 1998

“VffG […] offers […] well-known revisionists such as Rudolf, the Briton David Irving, or the Frenchman Robert Faurisson, a forum for […] respectability and scholarship […]”

Manfred Kanther, German Minister for the Interior, summer 1998

The journal VffG, published since 1997 [...], gives a comprehensive overview of international revisionism. [...] Both authors and letters to the editor clearly indicate that VffG managed to establish itself internationally as a journal for revisionism.”

Dr. Fritz Behrens, Minister for the Interior, Northrhine-Westphalia, May 1999

“The determination for the truth is a divine trait of the human soul.”

Mensch und Maß, 39(1), Jan. 8, 1999, p. 44, about VffG.

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