Enrique Aynat : Les « Protocoles d’Auschwitz » sont-ils une source historique digne de foi ?

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Appendice 11

Document OSS 81854, Record Group 226
National Archives, Washington

(Document NA 3)



Serial 6293-44
Monograph Index Guide No. 409-100
From JICAME at Cairo, Egypt
Date 13 June 1944
Source Polish Underground Newspaper
Evaluation B3
Subject POLAND – Transfer of Krupp Units to Oswiecim

1. SOURCE : Polish underground bulletin containing information from Poland up to 12 April 1944.

2. According to informants from the OSWIECIM area the side of the famous Polish concentration camp is becoming the center of many factories. The « camps of death » were being converted to « forced labor camps » during Spring of 1944.

3. Huge factory buildings were being erected within the area of the Oswiecim concentration camp. These are said to be Krupp factories which are being evacuated from the Rhine area.

4. It is [?] that this report will be of interest to O[?] (OP- 16-FA-5) ; [?] European Section.)

For the Navy : T. A. Thornton, Captain, USNR [?] in C, Naval Section.

For the Army : Harold E. P[?]xie, Colonel, CAC, Acting O in C., Army Section.

Source: Akribeia, n° 3, octobre 1998, p. 5-208

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